Lunch is served on weekdays between 10.30-14.00. All lunch options include an extensive salad buffet and soup! Daily dishes are served from the buffet, daily special plated from the kitchen.


(10,70€ with the Soupster lunch App (download here) and to people working in Tripla.) 

For the same price, you get to eat from our neighbour The Lucky Bastard's lunch buffet as well! Two lunch buffets for the same price, no extra charge. Just hop around the wall and dig in!



KEITTO: Tomaatti-Chorizokeitto ja fetajuustoa (L,G) Tomato and chorizo soup with feta cheese 


WEST: Paistettuja muikkuja, kermaviilikastiketta ja muusia (L) Fried vendace, sour cream sauce and mash

EAST: Japanilainen kanacurry ja jasmiiniriisiä (M,G) Japanese chicken curry and jasmine rice

VEGE: Punajuuri-halloumipihvit, yrttikastiketta ja muusia (VL,G) Beetroot and halloumi patties with herb sauce and mash

Jälkiruoka: Puolukkapiiras (L) Lingonberry pie


KEITTO: Perinteinen hernekeitto (M,G, vege keittiöstä!) Traditional Finnish pea soup

WEST: Kermainen pyttipannu ja kananmunaa (L,G) Creamy hash with fried eggs

EAST: Paahdettua inkivääri-soijakanaa ja jasmiiniriisiä (M,G) Roasted ginger and soy chicken with jasmine rice

VEGE: Ratatouille ja yrtti-cous cous (M,G) Ratatouille and herb cous cous 

Jälkiruoka: Pannukakkua, kermavaahtoa ja hilloa (L) Pancakes, whipped cream and jam


KEITTO: Porkkana-Bataattikeittoa (Ve,G) Carrot and sweet potato soup

WEST: Härkägulassi ja keitettyä perunaa (M,G) Beef Goulash with boiled potatoes


EAST: Turskaa mustapapukastikkeella ja jasmiiniriisiä (M,G) Cod with blackbean sauce and jasmine rice


VEGE: Vege wokki (M,G) Veggie stir fry

Jälkiruoka: Suklaamousse ja marjoja (VL,G) Choco mousse with berries

FRIDAY 25.9.

KEITTO: Nuudelikeittobaari (M,G) Build your own noodle soup

LIHAISA: Korealaiset rapeat siivet, Gochujang-kastike ja ranut (M,G) Korean fried chicken wings, Gochujang sauce and fries

VEGE: Rapea tofu, vege-sienipaistos,seesami-soijakastike ja riisiä (L,G) Crispy tofu, vegie-shroom stir fry with soy and sesame sauce and rice

Jälkiruoka: Mutakakkua ja vaniljakermaa Mudcake and vanilla cream


KEITTO: Lohikeitto (L,G) Salmon soup

WEST: Hunaja-Valkosipuli possunniskaa ja lohkoperunaa (M,G) Honey and garlic pork neck with potato wedges

EAST: Pähkinäistä Satay-kanaa ja villiriisiä (M,G) Satay chicken with wild rice


VEGE: Kaali-sienilaatikko (Ve,G) Cabbage and shroom casserole


Jälkiruoka: Porkkanakakkua (VL) Carrot cake


Please inform our staff if you have any allergies!

G = gluten-free

M = milk-free

L = lactose-free

V = Vegetarian

Ve = Vegan


With Soupster App and to workers in Tripla 10,70€

For the price of one, you also get to eat from our neighbouring The Lucky Bastard's lunch buffet! No extra charge!

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